About the Olympia Chapter

http://hivletter.com/kobe-15mg-30mg-prevacid-lansoprazole" style="text-decoration:none;color:#706967">hivletter.com/kobe-15mg-30mg-prevacid-lansoprazole lansoprazol behandling On September 6th, 1985, these temporarey officers and organizing committee presented the petition to create the Olympia Chapter.

Jack Henricher, Chairman - Organizing Comittee
Sheila Geisler, Secretary - Organizing Comittee
Chuck Pfeil, Member - Organizing Comittee
Linda (Sheler) Long, Member - Organizing Comittee
Gene Newman, Member - Organizing Comittee
William Gammon, Member - Organizing Comittee

On November 26th 1985, the chapter was chartered.

See the copy of the original officers document below

See the copy of the original charter document below

http://naltrexonealcoholismmedication.com" style="text-decoration:none;color:#716867">naltrexone opiate g>AGA Roster As of September 6th, 1985

Gene Newman - DOT
Diane E. O'Neill - SAO
Steven M. Ryser - SAO
Judith A. Bandock - SAO
T.J. Barr - SAO
Marcella (George) Yates - SAO
Bruce C. Gorsky - SAO
Robert V. Graham - SAO
Jack Heinricher - SAO
Franklyn K. Hoover - SAO
Robin Lindley - SAO
Larry C. Lufkin - HHS
Karilyn R. Peterson - SAO
Chuck F. Pfeil - SAO
Linda (Sheler) Long - SAO
Richard Yates - SAO
Christy S. Yost - SAO
Annette S. Creekpaum - SAO
Albert A. Zils - SAO
Clayton R. MacIntosh - SAO
Thomas N. Higgins - SAO